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As a multifaceted business there are many different aspects to what we do, but they're all centred around an uncompromising approach to software design and development that results in the most intuitive user-experiences possible.

We're always creating new applications to solve complex solutions for individuals and businesses alike; a few of which you can learn about below.  We have also delivered several 'unbranded' solutions to our clients, so chances are you have probably used our software without realising it was created by us.

Web Design By SIGMA

Web Design by SIGMA

Our creative web design arm crafts unique, innovative and pioneering websites that nurture and stimulate the strategic objectives of SMEs throughout the UK, and abroad.

Whether you're a new business start-up or a mid-sized company trading globally, we have solutions to meet your requirements and budget.  We can also develop something complete bespoke for you, if you'd prefer.



Perhaps the more innovative side of SIGMA's operations, SIGMA Apps concentrates on prototyping new web applications that meet the specific needs of a particular industry.

We're always working on at least one top-secret project, and are actively working with entrepreneurs to develop their own ideas into marketable products and services.

Ticksi With Icon Blue


Ticksi is a ground-breaking new event management platform that makes it easy to organise events and sell tickets.

With the lowest fees in the industry, and functions to aid painless event organisation, we're breaking the mould when it comes to online ticket sales.